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Everything you wanted to know about seances

What’s after death? This is perhaps one of the most frequent questions you ask yourself in the course of your life. Unfortunately, there is still no sensible answer, but you can make some small reflections based on the experiences lived. It has often happened to hear about séances, this is a way, to try or not the existence of a second life after death. Speak to a psychic today and enjoy an amazing reading.

To find out more, you have to go back in time when two little girls the sisters Katherine and Margaret Fox together with the family moved to the small town, in the state of New York. They were simple and unpretentious people, who went to live in a modest country house. A situation, too normal to be able to think of the incredible events that awaited them on the front of the mystery. Today there is a plaque, a large headstone on the small house. On the tombstone, an inscription recalls that spiritualism was born there. In that place the idea of mediumship and that eccentric discipline that was subsequently called “psychic research” was born. The facts began in 1848. Chasing strange noises that seemed to come from the walls of the house, the Fox sisters improvised a kind of game at the table. The “séances” were born. The Fox sisters evoked the “spirit” of a deceased who said he was a tenant in that house. He also said that he had been murdered years before in that place. A long time later, in the interspace of a wall, in the “cursed” house, the skeleton of a man was truly found.

There are various methods to “contact” the pierced souls. Spiritual phenomena can be classified into two different categories: the phenomena that occur in the person of the medium or his contact and the phenomena that occur outside the Medium and without contact with his person. The first phenomena include: the movements of objects, which occur in contact with the hands, without conscious impulses of the persons participating in the session. And this is the easiest phenomenon to obtain: it is sufficient for a group of 4 people to gather around a light table, bare hands in a circle on a floor and quickly often at the first session, the table comes alive, produces crunches, it rotates, raises with one or more of its feet, performs movements that are compatible with its structure, obeys the orders given to it. There is also vocal mediumship by mediums online, incorporation and transfiguration. In vocal mediumship, communication takes place through the medium’s voice: vocal timbre, expressions, idioms and knowledge do not belong to the medium and are instead those of the deceased who wants to speak through the medium’s organs. The mediums online always on the books. During the course of the experience, the medium is in a trance and the incorporation and taking possession of the medium by the spirit takes place without the latter being aware of it. The term “trance” that has its roots in Latin means “to pass” that pass, comes from the English language and can be translated with the concept of ecstasy and indicates that particular state in which there are the subjects endowed with ability to realize the paranormal manifestations .

Entering a trance for a medium is not easy: it is a relationship or contact with a different dimension or, in any case, with a different vision of reality. In the state of trance the subject undergoes a modification, sometimes partial, but most often complete, of the personality that is different from the original, personality that can alternate and change in the course of further experiences.