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Be clairvoyant: all about its power and meaning

Be clairvoyant

Being clairvoyant, as the name says, is the ability to see clearly certain events, beings and objects, at great physical or temporal distance and without the use of the five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. There is a phenomenon related to it and that is called as clairvoyants reading.

We can suppose, then, that a seer transcends the physical plane and connects through a great mental acuity to the spiritual plane. But what are the implications of being clairvoyant? Discover below all about clairvoyants and understand the meaning of being a clairvoyant.

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Desire of many, gift developed by few: everything about being clairvoyant

Having the faculty of clairvoyance is the desire of many people, since being clairvoyant is having the ability to see, observe and clearly understand many things that are out of our eyes and understanding in everyday situations.

A clairvoyant has the ability to see things through the eyes of the soul and, based on that, understands reality on a wider level: the spiritual. Therefore, being a clairvoyant also implies a great responsibility, which is to help people who do not have that gift to understand certain events that are difficult to understand. An example of these events are dreams that foresee the future, as the famous pedagogue, writer and teacher who founded the spiritualist religion and who knew everything about visionaries, Allan Kardec, explains:

Seers are people with some knowledge that are not theirs, but fortune-tellers from previous existences and from the spirits with whom they communicate, often through dreams.

All about being clairvoyant: can you become one?

We are all born with the ability to be clairvoyant, that is, see and clearly understand the events that take place on the spiritual plane, but it happens that, over time, we lose that ability when we face the reality of our physical world.

However, it is possible to retake the ability to be clairvoyant through habits and practices that establish a connection with the spiritual world, such as yoga, tai chi chuan and meditation. It is also important to have some special care with the physical body, the temple of the soul; These cares can be obtained through physical activities, such as sports, stretching or academics.

And, last but not least, in the universe of visionaries, it is essential to learn more about yourself, that is, to practice the famous self-knowledge. To learn more about yourself and develop your spiritual growth, read our articles on self-knowledge.

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